Do you want to learn how to start a blog and make some money??.Want to earn living with blogging??”Better blogging  guide is waiting for you follow along”

Blogging guide

Many newbies think about how to start a blog or website. Blogging is a become a like a trend like now. Everyone is doing blogging.
If you are the beginner want to enter in the blogging field,
below are the things which I like to share with you as personal opinions.
  • Be honest with what you share with the audience.
  • Don’t think of money as you are fresher in the new field.
  • Build high quality and engaging content.
Many famous bloggers like Harsh Agrawal from and Deepak kanakaraju from starts from the beginning.
They said it takes time to build and earn money. Everything takes time to or build time no one can be a millionaire from the day first.
Beginners to advanced guide : how to start a blog
As a new beginner, you can start the blog from Blogspot.
if you are thinking of a long time you should start a blog on the WordPress platform.
If you want to make a brand and do business out of if you can do for WordPress.
After all, it should be your decision that platform you wish to use. But if you look at all popular blogs most of them are on WordPress.
Let jump to start the next topic which is niche.
A niche means the topic. The topic of your blog .what your blog all about.
Many people make the mistake by mixing various topic on a blog.
My recommendation would be stick to a popular niche.
For example:- if your interest in technology you can write about technology
You have an interest in politics write about it.
interest is the thing in which you can write posts without hesitating or copy from another person post.
First, know your interest in what you love to write.
Hard work is the key to success think before starting your blog.
Research on google and see u there post related to your interest.
Web hosting and domain
We need the domain name and hosting to start a blog or website. Now it up to you starting with
You don’t need anything to start your goal is a custom domain which is like this one- but with the expense of $2 – $10 YOU WILL BRANDED DOMAIN NAME.
Choose your domain which a relevant to your blog niche. Don’t buy the irrelevant domain name.
Select an appropriate, attractive and relevant domain name.
you can buy the domain name from
      • Godaddy
      • Bluehost
    • Namecheap
If you’re with my opinion now it’s time to buy hosting for your WordPress blog.
There are very hosting services out there but some of them are not up to
The mark.
A good web hosting means a good support and a good up-time.
 below is the web hosting which I prefer to buy from them. (I don’t force anything to buy from my link.)(Below links are affiliate links, I will get little bit income which helps me to grow our community. Don’t know affiliate marketing download our free e-book now.  )
Your blog or website design will also matter. How your blog or website bools like.
You will get many resources to help you get started with WordPress design.
I buy the free theme from, their theme quality is simple and easy to customize.
Note: -the first impression is the last impression so choose a neat theme.
Writing your first blog post
I Hope you install good looking and simple theme for your blog after that it’s time to post on a 1st blog post.
Writing your first post you can choose topic ideas from the forums, for eg:- the famous forums like Quora.
Quora is a great platform for generating content ideas, you can also get ideas from google keyword planner, and google trends.
First, learn from others how they write and views some blogs how they write good article learn from there and put in place on your site or blog also.
Driving traffic to your blog.
After publishing your first post now you the thing how to drive traffic to your website.
There are many ways to drive traffic to your website.
Promote your blog on social media.
Promote your post by making videos and promote on youtube. youtube is the best thing to get traffic.
SEO is the process of affecting the online visibility of the website or blog.
You can attract all the visitors organically.
You can submit your site details to google, bing for indexing of your site.

we discuss above SEO details in coming articles.

many you have questioned how to start a blogging and earn money from it ??

There are various methods out there which you help you make money through blogging.

Sign up for Google AdSense accounts, by showing ads you can earn money from the blog or website.

Affiliate marketing is a great way to earn money from there. want to learn affiliate marketing I am giving a free guide on affiliate marketing, sign up now.

You can sell your own courses online.

i hope you like the article.

Thank you for reading.


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